Collection: Colorful Vertical Lines Pattern Super Soft Terry Bath Towel

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Super soft terry towel is made of 100% genuine Turkish cotton. Fringed terry bath towel, which twisted in vivid colors of vertical sorting, looks good in all bathrooms.


  •  100% Cotton,
  •  Fringed,
  •  Machine washable,
  •  Durable, solid and super soft,
  •  Softness increases with each wash,
  •  The pattern take shape of vertical order of the burgundy, gray, orange, ecru, black, ocher, dark blue, powder blue, pink, pistachio green colored stripes.

  • Weight: 750.00 g / 26.45 oz
  • Dimension: Length 190.00 cm / 74.80 in | Width 90.00 cm / 35.43 in

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